What are Social Networks?

What are Social Networks? 

What are Social Networks? When we talk about social networks in a virtual world, we talk about sites and applications that operate at different levels (professional, personal or even relationship), allowing the sharing of information between people and / or companies.

Desmistificando o E-commerce: Saiba como aumentar as vendas online

Increase your online sales using E-commerce

Learn how to increase your online sales using E-commerce Nowadays, websites like Amazon and Ebay, make people’s lives relatively simple. We are talking about e-commerce sites that sell everything in the online medium, promoting a greater convenience and speed in the purchase of consumers. One of the great trends for this year and the following

Brand marketing

Brands, let's talk about Branding?

Branding For many, branding it is simply creating a logo, it is not totally wrong but it is not correct either. Is the creation of a logo strong enough to label brands? Let’s start at the beginning. The origins When we speak of brand, we are adopting a (Anglo-Saxon) foreignness of the word “brand”. It