Branding – Creation and brand management

Need help creating and managing your brand? Branding is the identity of your business.

What do we do?

Branding is the aesthetic representation of your mission, the values that your business represents and wants to communicate, whether through its Brand, product, packaging, sound, smells, textures and even the architecture of its facilities in order to create emotional and consumer loyalty. It is a global process that goes far beyond aesthetics. It is communicating consistently, providing the consumer with unique experiences that are easily identifiable with their identity. Count on us to create truly passionate brands and credible visual identities.

  • Branding Strategy

    For Touch Digital your brand is more than your name, symbol or signature. It’s a whole universe of communication. From the presentation of your company or product, to the way your customer receives your offer, to buying and recommending. A comprehensive and coherent approach so that the customer experience with your brand is clear, lasting and unforgettable.

  • Naming

    Brands are not just visual. we can recognize a brand by its visual aspect, but it is the name that is heard verbally. Whether descriptive, imaginary or experiential, your brand name will define your activity forever. Touch Digital can help you choose a distinctive and easily recognisable designation.

  • Visual Identity

    We love to create the image of your company!
    To create a strong logo we need an exhaustive research, an appealing, dynamic, emotional concept, capable of transporting and transmitting your business. The visual identity also has the function of delineating the positioning of the brand, and the way it behaves in its environment. Come and create an extraordinary brand!

  • Brand Manual

    We develop a Graphic Standards Manual for your Brand, which includes the whole concept, construction, brand framing, rules of visual representation, definition of communication systems, speech tone and your entire visual universe.

  • Registration of Property and Trademark Protection

    The brand is one of the most important assets of a company, it can represent more than 30% of the value of a business and must be protected against copying and misrepresentation. In addition to legal protections nationally and internationally, Touch Digital seeks to ensure that its digital properties, such as the domains or URLs of social networks are properly registered with the designation of your brand.

Brands need to understand in what context they arise and where there is potential to create sensory communication elements associated with them.

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