Increase your online sales using E-commerce

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Learn how to increase your online sales using E-commerce

Nowadays, websites like Amazon and Ebay, make people’s lives relatively simple. We are talking about e-commerce sites that sell everything in the online medium, promoting a greater convenience and speed in the purchase of consumers.

One of the great trends for this year and the following is precisely the growth of e-commerce as a sales platform, however, there is still a great lack of knowledge about the way the whole process unfolds and how to get more out of this type of commerce.

If you are interested in increasing your online sales, you are in the right place to do so.

Products vs Services

One of the great myths about e-commerce is that it should only be implemented on a website that sells products. Such a statement could not be further from the truth, since it is also a great way of promoting the services of a company or individual.

There are areas of activity characterized solely by the provision of services (advocacy, financial sciences, etc.), that could really benefit greatly from an e-commerce website for the promotion of its services.

Of course, in these cases, it is necessary to analyze whether a corporate website exposing its services will not be the best solution, because there are areas where disclosure of the price is not advised at all, but this is not an impediment to putting the idea aside .

Online advertising vs E-commerce

One of the advantages of online advertising is its possible integration with e-commerce. Think of this association as “crime partners,” where recourse to paid ads can be a way to leverage your sales.
As an example, in Google Adwords we can create “Shopping” ads, ads that allow us to promote the products that we have in our inventory of E-commerce, as long as they follow the good conduct rules of Google.

Google Shopping ads are very complex, so if you’re not an expert on the subject, I’d advise you to hire or talk to your digital agency to discuss the best strategy for getting your ads started.

E-commerce Tracking

Another advantage of having an e-commerce website is that you will easily be able to monitor all accesses as well as any purchase records that will be made on your website.

If you integrate your e-commerce system with Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce, you will have access to a wider range of information, such as the number of users who have given up on each step of the buying frenzy, what products they have had better results and which online channels (adwords, social networks, etc.) are generating more leads.

All this information will enable you to make better decisions regarding the strategy to follow, generating more value for your business.

Woocommerce vs Shopify

Of all the E-commerce plugins that exist, these 2 are the ones I most recommend, however, there are significant differences between both that you should take into account.

Woocommerce is the most robust plugin of both, but also the one that most knowledge is needed, including programming notions. It is a plugin that can be completely customized by the end user and offers a lot of security in all phases of the process.
At the design level, the end user has the ability to create the design he / she understands best, provided he / she has the knowledge to do so. This is therefore the most suitable plugin for advanced users, with some technical knowledge and who want to do everything in their own way.

Fortunately, for the least understood in the matter, there is another option that is equally good, Shopify. A plugin that is also robust and also offers a lot of security, Shopify is a plugin that sells itself, both in terms of design (with several templates from which to choose, most of which are very appealing and can adapt to any type of business) as well as you don’t need great technical knowledge to set up your online store (provided you are familiar with WordPress). This is the plugin that I recommend for all those who have urgency in setting up their online store and increase their online sales quickly.

At the price level, it is somewhat complex, since both have quite different systems, however, and to sum up, you will end up spending the same with any of them, so this is a neutral point in this comparison.

In short, any of these plugins will leave you well served in terms of usability and quality / price.

Important Tips

– Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, since the vast majority of users now access mobile devices and even Google has launched mobile-first indexing, where mobile-optimized websites have a preference.

– The usability of the website is very important to provide an enjoyable experience to the end user and consequently to achieve loyalty to the brand.

– If your CMS is wordpress, you have several integration options and several well-known e-commerce plugins, such as Woocommerce and Shopify (as previously mentioned)

– Hire an e-commerce manager. This is perhaps the most important tip, if you are not an expert in the field, since this professional will bring added value to your business and will define and monitor strategies that will allow you to increase sales online.

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