What are Social Networks? 

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Nowadays social networks offer many opportunities to companies, so it is very important to define your business goals and make good planning.
The first question to ask yourself is: “What do you expect to get from social networks?”

Do you want to increase the reputation of the company? Want to reach more and new customers? Want to reach existing customers and encourage them to buy more? Do you want to increase your network?
All these questions should be asked and then choose which social networks best suited to your goal.

They all have different characteristics but if you know what your business goals are and how you want to incorporate the social element into your strategy, you will easily choose your social networks.
When we talk about social networks, the first ones that come to mind right now are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram, typical of the current times, isn’t it?
Let’s talk a bit about each one then.


Perhaps it is the most popular, versatile and complete social network where we can meet people, generate or manage a business, share information, relate to friends, among many things.
For businesses, facebook has become an almost obligatory tool, and it is almost impossible to rely on facebook as a good digital marketing strategy, either to generate a business or to attract potential customers.


It has gained recognition on the part of the users, reaching its peak in the middle of 2009. Today Twitter is a social network where people share personal stories but works mainly as a second screen / screen where users comment and publish news that they watch in the TV, comment football games, reality shows, series, follow the private lives of public figures, among others …


Linkedin is undoubtedly the biggest competitor of facebook, but in a more cooperative perspective. The big difference for facebook is that it is a social networks where the focus of the contacts is professional, that is, instead of friends, we have connections, and instead of pages, we have Companies / Companies.
It is used mainly to share experiences at a professional level, both as a user and as a source of recruitment by companies.


It is a free and instant messaging social network used by almost everyone. Nowadays smartphones already come with this application installed, which allows you to exchange messages with great ease, share photos and files. At the corporate level, it is already possible to do so with WhatsApp Business, where you can interact with customers, providing tools that allow you to respond quickly to messages.


Like WhatsApp, Snapchat is an application where we can share photos, messages and videos.
However, Snapchat has launched a concept of “stories” where users can publish their stories in a more fun way, where we can play, create their own filters and publish emojis directly from the camera to film. For example, touching our faces to experience a new look, change faces with a friend or even play a game. You can create your own emoji, create a special effect or even turn the day into night.
With Snapchat your day becomes a real fun.


It is a social network of sharing photos and videos among users, with the possibility of applying filters. Initially, a peculiarity of Instagram was the limitation of photos to a square format, imitating vintage photographs, such as those of Polaroid cameras, but by 2012 the application was acquired by Facebook and since its acquisition, the social network has changed a lot and today it is possible to publish photos in different proportions, videos, Stories, boomerangs and other publication formats.


YouTube is the premier online video sharing social network with over 1 billion active users and 500 million videos viewed daily.
Once you get to know the major social networks, the last thing you should plan is how you will talk to different audiences on the different networks you are using. The social networking world can ifinito and complex but start with well defined goals help you -You’ll find out what network to join.

Lastly, it’s important to know that social media offers paid advertising options or special features. For example, you can pay to be able to put your shared content ahead of the look of specific groups of people on those networks. Try to find out about paid programs on your social networks and see if they bring value.

Creating a presence of your company in the social networks that you will use, not forgetting your goals, is an essential step towards success in social networks.

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